Inside The Actors Studio – Will Smith

29 Oct

Back Stage Summary of Inside The Actors Studio: Will Smith

will smith is absolutely one of the “high producers”

that I follow as close as I can. I study how he carries himself.

Will Smith Inside the Actors Studio

Study what he says here on this video about focus and work ethic

and confidence… posture, commitment, presence and command of a scene.

You can get lost in this video and think he’s conducting

a seminar on internet network marketing, it’s so universal.

This is a person who is in full command and ownership

of the “code” of living a life on YOUR OWN TERMS and

that’s probably the biggest reason why I love to follow


Here’s some “head’s up” about what you’ll find in the video:

Will Smith on Inside the Actors Studio hosted by James Lipton

season 8, episode 6 original airdate 2002-01-13.

10:00 dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince

19:15 the fresh prince of bel air

25:00 six degrees of separation

26:02 independance day

27:24 men in black

31:40 enemy of the state

32:07 ali

They had to cut out all the movie bits because otherwise

youtube would have blocked the video.

You can catch more “Inside the Actors Studio” interview

videos on youtube.

Other videos:

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